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Optimized for smartphones and tablets.
Without app. Just go to sio.one with your browser in your mobile device.


SIO.ONE is completely free. The functionality is available for you NOW.

Without registration

You don´t have to create an account or spend more data than necessary. You only need an email adress.


It´s so simple. You enter your name, e-mail adress, a subject and the available options. Then we send you instant a mail with the access link to your admin panel. From there you can share the survey with your participants.


SIO.ONE is SSL encrypted. Not only the communication even your, and your participants data is stored encrypted on our servers


There are a lot of advanced options if you want them. Your survey will act how you like it to act. Try it out!


SIO.ONE is optimized for use on smartphones and tablets. Without native app. Just open sio.one on your mobile devices browser.


SIO.ONE is available in German and English, so that everybody can use our website


We have also a Dark Theme. We take care about your eyes in the night


If you like, you can instantly delete your complete survey, inclusiv all the votes and participants. Nothing will remain on our servers. If you dont delete it, we will delete it, when the suvey ages out.


Our servers save the planet! We use power from regenerative sources. Furthermore is our website designed for minimal data usage. That makes us fast and eco-friendly.